Player/Stage Manual

Resources and downloads for the Player/Stage user's guide.

I wrote a manual for people to learn Player/Stage from.

This is an open source robot control and simulator program which was a precursor to ROS. "Player" is the robot controller, and "Stage" is the simulator. There is a ROS node, ROSStage, which uses the Stage simulator with ROS controllers.

The Player/Stage manual pdf and tutorial code is downloadable, from this page but is also hosted on Github (see downloads section). This manual is intended as a supplement to the official Player/ Stage manuals. It contains the information you need to know to begin using Player/Stage, and (I hope) explains it in a structured and understandable way.

The manual source code is available on Github here:


Player/Stage Version 4.1.1

Kevin Nichols kindly updated my manual to the latest release of Player/Stage. The updated manual is available from his Github page here:

Player/Stage Version 3.2.0

Player/Stage Version 3.1 and 2.1.1

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