Jenny Owen's Website

I work for MathWorks as a Quality Engineer for the Parallel Computing Toolbox. I'm mostly responsible for testing that MATLAB works on cloud clusters.

I also have a PhD in Computer Science studying evolutionary swarm robotics.

What I look like, in case you need to know.

My dad complained that the original picture wasn't dynamic and go-getting enough, so now there are photos of me, one of which will be randomly selected for your viewing pleasure.

This is a picture of me :

I used to be an Application Support Engineer at MathWorks. I helped provide technical support for MATLAB users across Europe!

Whilst I was an Application Support Engineer, I had the opportunity to work on some interesting projects within MathWorks.

  • Mostly I help write unit tests for MATLAB's Parallel Computing Toolbox.
  • I wrote some unit tests for the popular GUI Layout Toolbox.
  • A Word Cloud generator and text data visualisation MATLAB app. This was project originally developed for the SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education) 2014 conference and features in the conference write up. Since then the app was improved to be more usable, and featured in the SEFI 2015 conference. Here is an example of a word cloud generated from the SEFI 2014 conference papers:


My qualifying dissertation "Investigating the Link Between Complexity and Evolution in Swarm Robotic Systems" (which is a literature survey and a compulsory part of my PhD) won the K.M. Stott Prize for the Best Qualifying Dissertation of 2009 in the Department of Computer Science.